« Always diplomatic and available, pugnacious and highly responsive when needed, we develop the best solutions for our clients.
Efficient and well fitted, these solutions ensure their rights and interests 

From August 1st 2016, thanks to the Law dated August 6th 2015, so called « Loi MACRON », we are pleased to inform you that LEGALCY LAWYERS-ADVISORS law firm, will be allowed to make client’s representation in front of the High Courts of ANGOULEME, along with those of BERGERAC, BORDEAUX, LIBOURNE and PERIGUEUX.

As a matter of fact, this means our clients will benefit of high standard quality of LEGALCY LAWYERS-ADVISORS law firm, in front of these five high Courts, to plead cases and for client's representation, as well as in front of the Court of appeal of BORDEAUX.
Naturally, we continue to plead in front of every others french and european Courts, as before.
We are very pleased of this proceeding's enhancement, which will provide our client access to a high standard quality service, at a lower cost.

SCP CAMUS becomes LEGALCY Lawyers-counsels

Our firm's name is changing: SCP CAMUS lawyers, becomes LEGALCY Lawyers-counsels.

It exceeds the partner's person and leaves a mark on its international activity scope.

Beyond this simple modification, we intend to clearly focus on our values: these are perfectly identified in our signature: Custom
made law.

Thus, inside a world where law is omnipresent, complex, and in constant evolution, LEGALCY Lawyers-counsels brings you a
custom made legal service, of high standard quality, to act just for you, fast and efficient, either in France or abroad.

This change comes along with our brand new web site allowing you to discover all the universe of LEGALCY Lawyers-counsels, and to
maintain a constant link with it.


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welcomes you at the secretary's office both in French and English

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Jean-Michel CAMUS and Caroline BOUAMAMA advise you in contracts and liabilities law areas such as :

- Preparation, non performance, compensation, cancelation and liability
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